The Cirkul Water Bottle 

The Cirkul Water Bottle was invented by Garett Waggoner with the goal to help people improve their hydration level by providing an experience of customisable hydration through the introduction of the flavour cartridge system in the water bottle.

What does a Cirkul Water Bottle do?

A Cirkul water bottle is a BPA-Free Plastic Bottles or Stainless Steel Bottles in a variety of sizes and colours. The distinctive features of the Cirkul water bottle is its flavour cartridge system. This system allows users to infuse their water with a variety of flavours, ranging from fruity to caffeinated options. The flavour cartridges are conveniently placed in the bottle’s cap, and users can easily adjust the flavour intensity using a dial. This design provides a unique and personalized hydration experience, catering to diverse taste preferences.You can go back to drinking plain water by just turning off the flavour dial.

Why choose Cirkul Water Bottles?

Flavourful – refreshing fruity blends, or rich coffees, tea, energy drink.

Healthy – all-natural flavours without any added dyes, colours or flavours.

Zero Calories – no sugar, zero calories.

Intuitive – easier and tasty way of drinking more water throughout the day.

Custom – you are the one to be full in control of the flavour how much of the flavour you want or if you want no flavour at all.All you need to do is just dial the button up or down.

Convenient – just add water and turn the dial for 6- fill ups of your favourite flavour on the go.

Affordable – each cirkul sip will give you about 6 fill-ups on a medium setting.

Eco-friendly – 84% less carbon,99% less carbon from shipping.

Flavours of Cirkul Cartridges

There are 13+ brands with different formulas & benefits and enjoy your water your way with zero calories, no sugar, and no artificial colors.The brands along with their falvours are :

Cirkul water bottle cartridges

1. Puressence — brings in 11 different unsweetened fruit flavour

2. LifeSip — brings in 13 flavours that are enriched with Vitamin B ….

3. FitSip — brings in  6 different flavourful electrolytes….

4. GoSip — is 9 different flavours of caffeine….

5. Gateway Tea — pack of 8 refreshing iced tea

6. Wild Splash — is 6 stevia sweetened flavours for kids

7. Sarbotica — 6 different fresh flavours that are picked from around the globe …

8. Inflow energy — 6 different flavours that are packed with Green Tea & Ginger Root extracts, Caffeine, B vitamins, and Taurine to boost energy

9. Flyte Electrolyte fuel — 11 fresh flavours of electrolytes

10. Squeeze lemonade — comes with 14 different flavours of lemonade

11. Fission — 7 tasteful energy drink flavours …

12. Frosted refreshers — 3 frozen fruit taste … along with 10 flavours of iced coffee

13. Stage hydration — 6 electrolyte enhanced with stevia sweetened flavours to boost your energy ...

14. Verda — 10 stevia sweetened fruit flavours …

Where to buy Cirkul Water Bottles?

Cirkul Water Bottle

1. Drink Cirkul

2. Walmart

3. Walmart (22 oz plastic water bottle + 2 flavoured cartridges – fruit punch+mixed berry)

4. Ubay India

5. Etsy

6. Amazon


The success of the Cirkul water bottle can also be attributed to its marketing strategy. The emphasis on health, customization, and sustainability aligns with contemporary consumer values. Social media campaigns showcasing user experiences and endorsements from influencers contribute to the product’s visibility and desirability among target demographics.

In conclusion, the Cirkul water bottle stands out as a noteworthy innovation in the realm of hydration. Its flavor cartridge system addresses the challenge of making water consumption enjoyable, contributing to improved hydration habits. The bottle’s portability, sustainability, and market positioning make it a compelling choice for individuals seeking a personalized and eco-friendly approach to staying hydrated. As consumer preferences continue to evolve, the Cirkul water bottle exemplifies the intersection of functionality, sustainability, and customization in modern beverage consumption.


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