Let’s put together your winter work outfits for a week

“I like my money right where I can see it…hanging in my closet.” —Carrie Bradshaw

For ladies Office Outfits are always a hectic job to find.We do not want something too casual but again we want casual office outfits that will make us the “It Girl” for minimalist clothing.

Monday Motivation

What can motivate one more than fashion. A little quote for my ladies to shake of those Monday blues

“Work harder so you can shop harder”

Picture this: each stride towards your goals is a step closer to that fabulous wardrobe awaiting your conquering touch.

Delving straight into the point let Myntra fashion And Amazon clothing section make things easier for you..

1.  https://www.myntra.com/sweaters/tokyotalkies/tokyo-talkies-women-beige–turtle-neck–pullover/20083676/buy

2.  https://www.myntra.com/trousers/baesd/baesd-women-relaxed-straight-leg-parallel-trousers/24283556/buy

3.  https://www.myntra.com/heels/shoetopia/shoetopia-women-cream-coloured-solid-pumps/7207108/buy

4.  https://amzn.eu/d/3kkfVsR


Tuesday Attitude

“You can have anything you want, if you dress for it” – Edith Head

So transform you Tuesday morning by starting the day with a positive attitude.

A great mind and a good tongue once told, “Style is the reflection of your attitude and personality”

Choose an outfit that not only complements your unique taste but also sets the tone for a day filled with optimism and productivity. Embrace the power of your attire as you step into Tuesday with flair and purpose.

So What should I wear for my Tuesday Attitude?

1. https://www.myntra.com/sweaters/roadster/the-roadster-life-co-solid-fuzzy-crop-pullover-sweater/23071306/buy

2.  https://www.myntra.com/skirts/20dresses/20dresses-ombre-high-waist-maxi-sweater-skirt/24457062/buy

3.  https://www.meesho.com/s/p/28zvc9?utm_source=s_w



Wednesday Reminder

“Wednesday is a reminder that success is not about luck, it’s about hard work and determination.”

And Love you are someone who does both of those,to chase your dreams.

A little fashion reminder- Jeans+Dreams.

So what better thing to wear than jeans and sweatshirt on a Wednesday.

1.  https://www.myntra.com/jeans/tokyotalkies/tokyo-talkies-women-chic-brown-regular-fit-jeans/17706930/buy

2.  https://www.myntra.com/sweatshirts/roadster/roadster-women–rust-solid-go-fur-it-sweatshirt/11991188/buy

    As Marilyn Monroe said ,

” Give a girl the right shoes,and she can conquer the world”

So Honey choose the one with which you wanna conquer the world…

1.  https://www.myntra.com/casual-shoes/roadster/roadster-color-blocked-lightweight-running-sneakers-casual-shoes/23393230/buy

2.  https://www.myntra.com/heels/shoetopia/shoetopia-women-yellow-solid-mules/13282806/buy

3.  https://www.myntra.com/heels/dressberry/dressberry-white-pu-block-sandals/24041206/buy


Fashion and Style is what is Kurti. Just throw in a Jeans and Kurti and you are all set to make many heads turn.

1.  https://www.myntra.com/kurtas/sangria/sangria-women-pink–blue-ethnic-motifs-printed-winter-straight-kurta/18176088/buy

Re- wearing is caring!

1.  https://www.myntra.com/heels/shoetopia/shoetopia-women-cream-coloured-solid-pumps/7207108/buy

Friday Revolution

“Clothes aren’t going to change the world. The women who wear them are.” – Anne Klein

Now this outfit can be worn in several ways,just like us independent woman will share bills on first date but if we know we are meeting them for a second date and a third and potentially on many more dates to we let him pay the bill.

So this kurti or dress or you can call it kurti dress who are we to put someone in a box can be worn as a dress and as a kurti….you can wear it as your heart desires.

1.  https://www.myntra.com/kurtas/sangria/sangria-women-olive-green-acrylic-cable-knit-fusion-kurta/18534718/buy

If you pair it with a jeans then these will be perfect


And if you wear it like a dress then go with these



Thought for the day

“I am not Shopaholic,I am helping the economy”